Computer Repair Services

We offer technical solutions for many different types of technology. We cover things like Servers, Networking, Computers, and even Smartphones. Whether your computer won't turn on because of a virus, or you just need help using a new program we are simply a call away. Below are just a few of our many computer repair services.

Software Related Issues


We optimize your computer and restore it to peak performance.
We do a full 35 point system tuneup. We install the latest updates, clean the files on your computer tweak your system files for optimal performance, remove of unwanted programs, and much more.
Your computer will be much faster, have a longer lifespan, and won't have any of those stressful popups.

Virus Removal

We remove any infections from your computer including :

  • FBI Moneypak Virus
  • Delta Search Virus
  • System Doctor 2014 virus
  • Conduit / Search Protect virus
  • Security Cleaner Pro virus
  • Antivirus Security Pro virus
  • All of the other newest computer infections

Hardware Related Issues

Physical Computer Cleaning

Dust can cause major havoc on your computer system. It can cause your system not to cool properly and to overheat. The best case scenario resulting from dust is excess noise. When the components inside your computer - the motherboard, processor, RAM, and power supply run hot it can lead to premature hardware failure. To prevent this we recommend keeping your computer off of the floor and bringing your computer in every 6 months to have it professionally cleaned and inspected.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen cracked? Don’t stress, we can fix it!

Keyboard replacement

Are some of the keys missing or not working on your laptop? Dont stress, we can fix it!

Hard Drive Replacement

Is your computer making a ticking noise when you start it up? Does your computer warn you about a S.M.A.R.T. Hard Disk Drive Failure when it powers on? Dont stress, we can fix it!

Power Supply / Charging Port Replacement

Does your desktop not turn on? Does your laptop not stay powered on even though its plugged in? Dont stress, we can fix it!

Training and Support

SOME of the many devices that we offer training, repairs, and support on include: