Is your computer infected with Malware?

You would be surprised by the number of clients that we work with in West Palm Beach that when we point out that it looks like they have a malware infection had absolutely no idea. Many times we were working on there computer for other reported issues when we discovered there malware infection.

So what exactly is malware? well malware is any type of malicious program on your computer in which their intent is to either disrupt your computer operations, collect sensitive data from your computer, or gain access to your personal and private computer files.

How to tell if you have an infection: Well there are many signs that you computer may be infected. Some of them are more obvious well some of them only a well trained technician can pickup on. Here are some of the easiest signs to spot if you have an infection.

1. Unexpected Antivirus Disabling: Many malware programs are designed to disable your antivirus software that would otherwise eradicate them, so if your antivirus system is suddenly not operating this could be a sign of a much larger problem.

2. Erratic Email: If you hear from your contacts that they’re getting strange emails from you that you did not send yourself, this is a strong indication that your system has been infected (or that your email password has been stolen).

3. Popup ads appear: Even when no browser is open you receive ads displaying on your computer.  Adware programs bombard their victims with advertisements. Sometimes they’re ads for legitimate products, other times they contain links to malicious websites, sites that will attempt to drop more malware on your PC.

4. Browser Redirection: Browser navigation gets redirected. Not every site redirect is malicious, but if you find that trying to reach Google takes you to an unfamiliar search site, you’ve almost certainly got a problem. Sometimes the redirection is more subtle. For example, a banking Trojan might divert your browser to a fraudulent site that looks just like your bank’s real site. Home Page Redirection - Conduit Search. Decorah Iowa computer repairIn that case your only clue is the unfamiliar URL in the Address bar.

5. Homepage changes: If your home page is suddenly on something like Conduit Search, ask, or any other site that you did not set it to chances are you computer is infected. Many times even once you change your homepage back after you get on your computer next time the malicious homepage will be back.

6. Fake Security Program: A security program you never installed pops up scary warnings. Creating and distributing fake antivirus programs is a lucrative business. The perpetrators use drive-by downloads or other sneaky techniques to get the fake antivirus onto your system, then display scary warnings about made-up threats. Naturally you have to register a payment before the fraudulent tool will “fix” the problem. And of course scanning for malware with the fake AV is super-fast, since it’s not actually doing anything.

What to do if you think your infected:

Stress Less and call us to fully remove the infection from your computer. We offer our infection and virus removal to all of Palm Beach county including West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake worth, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas.



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