A tip for your laptop when it’s this cold in Decorah

The temperature is currently -6F. in Decorah, Iowa today. With the forecast calling for it to only get colder this week here is a simple tip form your local computer repair experts.

Don’t forget your laptop, tablets, or cellphones in the car. With the temperatures this low it will not take long for your electronics to freeze. Well some devices may still work after being warmed up there are many side affects of letting your device become frozen.

  1. The screen could potently crack (We do replace laptop and tablets screens from $50-$150 depending on the model).
  2. It is very hard on the batteries health. The device may work but you will soon notice a significant decrease in your electronics battery life. (Thankfully we also replace Laptop, Tablet, and Cell Phone batteries in the local area including Decorah).
  3. Condensation may occur on the vital parts that make your electronic function. (We fix this also).

So to sum it up please remember to bring in all children, pets, and electronics during these frigid times. If you do forget your laptop in the car and you live in the Decorah, Iowa area don’t stress bring it into Stress Less Tech to get it repaired today.

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