Our goal is to offer N.E. Iowa a stress less solution to all their technology problems.

We started Stress Less Tech Solutions because we saw a huge problem in Decorah, Iowa. If you wanted to get your computer fixed you would have to lug your computer to one of our competitors. Once it was there you would have to wait, in most cases over a week, and pay outrageous prices. To us this whole process seemed very stressful. So we decided to solve this problem by starting Stress Less Tech. We decided that we wanted our entire computer repair process to be as stress free as possible. We accomplish this by using a customer centered approach.

CEO Paul Greenberg

The Stress Less Solution we offer FREE Diagnostics.

The Problem: We understand that most people don't know what is wrong with their computer when it's not working.
The Stress Less Solution: We offer free diagnostics, to help you understand what is wrong with your computer.

The Stress Less Solution we offer in home pickup and drop off.

The Problem: We also understand that many people either don't know how to hook up and disconnect their computer or simply dont want to have to carry it to our office.
The Stress Less Solution: We offer in home pickup and drop off service.

24-48 Hour Turn around window.

The Problem: We understand that our customers rely on their computers on a daily basis and can’t wait weeks to get their computer fixed and back to them.
The Stress Less Solution: Our average computer repair time frame takes 24 hours, in many cases computers can be fixed the same day!

Same Day Appointments

The Problem: We understand You don’t want to get your computer repaired 2 weeks from now, you want it fixed today!
The Solution: Call and set up a same or next day appointment and we will take care of the rest.

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